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Innovative solutions for precision hedging
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Direct Swap’s exclusive network connects corporate hedgers with both traditional dealers and peer-to-peer sources of liquidity. Our advanced tools enable members to discover and manage counterparty relationships, and create the perfect hedge, using a seamless automated process.



Unlike futures or SEF traded products, Direct Swap provides a platform for the creation of highly customized instruments to precisely match the risk being hedged.

Capital Efficiency

All parties and transactions on Direct Swap must qualify for a Dodd-Frank safe harbor, so margin is negotiated between the parties not mandated by law.

Enhanced Liquidity

Direct Swap offers access to traditional dealer liquidity, and provides unique tools to facilitate peer-to-peer counterparty relationships and hedging.

Precision Hedging

Specify and negotiate customized instruments
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Only with Direct Swap can members customize all terms of commodity, interest rate and currency hedging products online. Members may select any number of counterparties, to improve price discovery.

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Our proprietary process enables members to simultaneously manage negotiations with multiple counterparties. Using our exclusive tools, members can easily contrast offers and document agreed terms.


Simplify compliance by using Direct Swap's patented process. Our platform was designed from inception to comply with Dodd-Frank and enable members to achieve End-User Clearing Exception treatment.

Counterparty Management

Discover, create and manage counterparty relationships to improve liquidity

Direct Swap members are thoroughly vetted using a proprietary process. Our search and communication features allow members to identify potential counterparties and determine their interest in a relationship.

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Direct Swap’s platform enables members to selectively share information and streamline their due diligence process. To maximize efficiency, members can also complete an ISDA Master Agreement to begin transacting.


With our automated onboarding process, members create a standardized set of documents and information. Using this data, members can then manage multiple relationships from a unified source.

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